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My name is Marcus Stimac, 

 I am an  actor and director based in Dallas, Texas. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure to appear on many of Dallas’ finest professional stages and experience performing in a variety genres including; Musicals, Contemporary plays, Children's Theater, Operettas, but especially Shakespeare. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Southern Methodist University in 2009.  

Please see below for more about my work on Shakespeare and my audio samples from Musicals. For more photos of my Dramatic and Shakespearean work, please visit my Gallery Section.




One of my passions is bringing fresh and accessible Shakespearean storytelling to audiences everywhere. I am a twelve year company veteran of Shakespeare Dallas, I participated in The Complete Works Reading Festival by the Mankoff Family Foundation, served as artistic director for Shakespeare in the Bar, and am founder & Artistic Director of Shakespeare Everywhere- Dallas. In addition to acting I also enjoy directing and Recently had the honor of presenting a production of “The Tempest” for the Shakespeare Theatre Association’s annual international conference January of 2020. 

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For more photos of my Shakespearean work, please visit my Gallery Section.



I like to sing and do musicals as well,  I am a Bass-Baritone.  I enjoy performing in all kinds of shows from pop, to rock, to even  your more classic musicals. Below I have a few songs off the soundtrack of the last rock musical I worked on. The world premiere of "Original Man", at the incredible Ochre House Theatre. 

if you would like to hear additional material please feel free to contact me below. 

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"Stimac gives a sterling, heart-wrenching performance as Joe, managing to convey the darkness of a Johnny Cash, the sordid rawness of a Kurt Cobain, while all the while styling unerringly after Joe Cocker, yet never losing context as Joe the aimless family loser, brunt of his father’s savage attacks. Stimac uses silence as effectively as effusiveness. As the soul-thread drawing the audience through the show’s arc, his steady, subterranean hopefulness brims over at finale, rendering Original Man one of the most genuine, cathartic stage experiences of the year."

"Stimac gets his laughs with double takes and poses that make you think of Superman played by Buster Keaton."

"Actor Marcus Stimac seems to have stepped out of a stylish, French New Wave film from the period. He plays McCann, a sidekick-thug who comes to the boardinghouse. Stimac — with a profile like a cliff — could easily pass for Jean-Paul Belmondo’s dimmer, funnier brother, straight out of Breathless (1960)."

"Marcus Stimac as Cassius is once again the tireless core of this project, striking the perfect balance of twinkling glee, characterization, and lyrical craft."

"Throughout the evening, I thoroughly enjoyed the vocal performances of Marcus Stimac as he channeled Joe Cocker right down to the affected clutching of his hand and somewhat frenzied toss of the head. Music seemingly beat strongly through every fiber in his body and it was evident that Stimac put a great deal of time and effort into developing his portrayal of Joe."

"Stimac's McCann is a perfectly rigid, chisel-faced thug. Muscled and tense, he's a handsome, well-trained attack animal, eagerly awaiting the master's command. His very presence terrifies Stanley, especially watching McCann's biceps pulse while he meticulously shreds the newspaper to pieces, column by column. His face-to-face standoff with Stanley is a frightening and furiously funny sort of waltz you'll never see on any dance floor."

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